Digital flight dispatch for general aviation

we route | you fly

Your safety is paramount to us.

  • faster, more convenient and ultimately safer flight planning and tactical in-flight decisions
  • available through your favourite flight planners and in-flight navigation tablet apps
  • for VFR and IFR pilots alike


  • our algorithms calculate the safest routes for your flight
  • we determine the optimal take-off time window for you so as to avoid adverse weather en-route
  • takes into account the actual 3-dimensional moving weather forecast, up-to-date airspace restrictions, the aircraft performance and your own personal minima

Flight safety monitoring

  1. give us a flight plan and our service will continuously monitor its safety with respect to regularly updated changing weather forecasts
  2. upon detecting hazardous conditions enroute your upcoming flight, we will warn you and immediately suggest route adaptations to render flight plan safe again
  3. make swiftly the right decision about your upcoming flight: adapt it, and resubmit to our service again
Computed routes and take-off times provide a valuable decision-making aid to pilots and are based on high-quality weather forecasts, digital airspace and ground terrain models, together with provided aircraft parameters. As such, they cannot and shouldn't be used as a precise control instruction to a pilot. It is the aircraft pilot who takes the final navigation and flight route decision and bears a full responsibility for it. He/she is expected to use the calculated routes as a starting point for determining his/her ultimate flight route to take.