The technology

Our solutions will support your flight planning and in-flight navigation decisions by integrating the highest quality information sources about the actual aerospace situation and up-to-date, as well as forecast weather data. We compute for you safer and weather-aware VFR and IFR flight-plans, by using state-of-the-art route planning and trajectory optimisation algorithms developed in aviation, computer science and artificial intelligence research.

Information sources

We aggregate the highest quality available aviation information into a comprehensive airspace model. We will include not only the current airspace situation with permanent, as well as temporary restrictions, but also 3D ground terrain, most recent short- and mid-term 3D weather forecasts and satellite imagery and combine them with the characteristics of the aircraft's physical dynamic.

4D trajectory planning & optimisation

We use state-of-the-art trajectory planning and optimisation algorithms to determine the safest and most fuel efficient routes around the forecast weather radar data and flight restricted zoned. Our algorithms compute 4-dimensional space-time flight plans which include not only waypoints en route with the most optimal altitudes, but also indicate the recommended speeds.

Take-off time recommendations

Using multiple alternative flight-plans, considering the up-to-date weather forecast, we can calculate the optimal take-off time for your flight.

Flight safety monitoring

We will monitor all active, as well as prepared flight plans for their safety with respect to the ever changing weather forecast updates. If needed, our technology will promptly warn you and readily offer safer and efficient flight plan alternatives.