Synthetic 4D weather forecasting radar with a smart route advisor

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Every day pilots make difficult decisions about their flight routes avoiding adverse weather and safeguarding fuel-efficiency of their flights.

Meandair helps you to quickly determine the safest and most fuel-efficient routes for your flights.

Check out our Synthetic 4D weather forecasting radar:

4D weather radar

  • high-fidelity aviation weather nowcast
  • up to 5 hours weather evolution prediction
  • 3-dimensional weather overview based on professional forecasts and latest observations
  • delivered via a satellite data-link directly into the cockpit

Smart route advisor

  • automated routing algorithms respecting airways, relevant restrictions, etc.
  • safe routes around moving adverse weather
  • route plannning in all 3 dimensions as well as in aircraft speed and time
  • routes are optimised to maximise fuel-efficiency and exploit wind conditions en route
  • support quick decision-making for in-flight and pre-flight planning


Weather nowcasting. Assimmilating the highest-quality numerical weather prediction models, latest satellite and ground weather radar observations. Developed in cooperation with KNMI (Royal Netherlands Meteorological Institute).

Route plannning. Built on the combined 20+ years of experience in Computer Science, Algorithmics, Artificial Intelligence and Robotics.

Navigation. Relying on the on-device GPS and Gallileo satellite positioning systems.

Data-link. The up-to-date weather data and routes delivered into the cockpit via satellite communication links regardless of the provider you use.

About Meandair

Meandair was started in 2015 by Peter Novák and Antonín Komenda, two accomplished computer scientists and aviation enthusiasts based in Delft, The Netherlands and Prague, Czech Republic. Together with partners, the company was established in early 2018.

We are conducting a feasibility study financed by the Netherlands Space Office and European Space Agency with the aim to develop an advanced prototype to be tested in in-flight conditions in second half of 2018 and later launched to the market.

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